05 May


Hosted by: Pôle Latino’s 49


❤️❤️ 8th edition ❤️❤️
“Charity in favor of the house of autism 49”
Programming in progress ‼️:
The formula that we like to program each year:
✅ A personalized welcome
✅ Quality internships
✅ Evenings with Top Dj’s that will make you vibrate!
✅ But above all LIVE with like every year a group of Timba:
To our great pleasure the group that is already programmed and who returns for this special edition:
🇨🇺 MANGO SON 🇨🇺 (Expanded formation of 10 musicians from all over Europe!!)
The unique theme: ❤️”El Corazón”❤️
Smiles / sharing / friendship / joy / happiness / passion….
More info to come on the discussion thread of this event and on the Trélazé Salsa Festival page.
✅ Location: Salle Louis Aragon, Rue Joseph Bara, 49800 TRÉLAZÉ
✅ Google map link (ctrl+clic): Louis Aragon Room – Google Maps
✅Weezevent Charity Edition link:
✅Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100048874976355


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