22 Aug

Berlin Salsacongress 2024

Hosted by: Berlin Salsacongress Productions


Date: August 22-25, 2024

Location: Tempodrom Berlin, Möckernstrasse 10, 10963 Berlin

Line Up 2024:
👉Artist Line Up:
Delia & Raul (Orlando)
Veronica & Charly (Malaga)
Yaritza & Diego (New York)
Inwoo Choi (Seoul)
Terry & Cecile (Marseille/Paris)
Supermario (London)
Bri & Arnaldes (Tel Aviv)
Marco Ferrigno & Ansima (Milano)
Jacopo & Linda (Brescia)
Andy & Yuliet (Oslo)
Moe Flex (London)
Osbanis & Anetta (London)
More to be added soon!
👉 Featuring some of the best DJ`s in our community:
DJ Dimitri (Stuttgart)
DJ Cycy (Paris)
DJ Morena (Ljubljana)
DJ Martina (London)
DJ The Patrick (Vienna)
DJ Kelly (The Hague)
DJ Boriqua (San Francisco)
DJ ElDeLaCalveSF (San Francisco)
DJs The Twins (Berlin)
DJ Melvin (Tilburg)
DJ Missy (UK)
DJ Kasra (Oslo)
More to be added soon!
👉 We care about equality! We finally reached our goal of 50% female DJ`s! Where else do you find this at a mayor event?
The Xtravaganza Edition will again strictly focus on Social Dancing in all its aspects. The workshops will feature and train those skills which are needed on the dance floor.
In 2024 we will add again three Social Trainings with skilled instructors to give you 3hour intense trainings on social skills.
There will be no shows except the Stargate Shows in the Afternoon to give you as much time for social dancing as possible.
The Social Dancing will start on midday and will finish some time after midnight.
At the Black & White Edition we will feature only Salsa/Mambo, Cuban Salsa and Dominican Bachata.
Our mission from the very beginning in the year 2001 has been to bring dancers together from all over the world in one spot. We believe it is amazing that we have this wonderful worldwide community of dancers and we celebrate, that we can go anywhere in the world and meet likeminded people!
In 2024 we will once again be able to dance outdoors and indoors!


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Time and Place
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Thursday, August 22, 2024
12:00 AM
End Time
Sunday, August 25, 2024
12:00 AM
Tempodrom, Möckernstraße 10, 10963 Berlin, Germany Get Direction