08 Sep

SalSaga Dance Weekend

Hosted by: SalSaga


From the beginning, the idea of Salsaga has been driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible and engaging dance community.
We are small but a great dance community, focused on enhancing and improving our dance abilities through participation in various workshops. And also meeting friends or strangers to socialize and enjoy a greater companyship. And most importantly to have fun.
We are strongly dedicated to bring this to our beloved dance scene in Oslo, offering opportunities to participate in variety of workshops and to engage with each other in an interesting and safe environment.
SalSaga Dance Weekend Lineup:
– Live Band/Orchestra
⚡Son Candela
– Salsa –
⚡Talal & Edyta – Linestyle
⚡Osbanis & Anneta – Cuban
⚡Marco Faravelli – On2 Footwork
⚡Moe Flex
– Bachata –
⚡Victor & Alba – Sensual
⚡Anthony & Juliette – Sensual
⚡Emilien & Tehina – Fusion
– Music –
⚡DJ Julian the Duke
⚡DJ Alexio
– Homepage –


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