09 Nov

18th elSol Festival Fall Edition KATOWICE

Hosted by: El Sol Festival


Mark your calendars for 9-13th Nov 2023 – 18th El Sol Festival

New Venue: MCK International Congres Center in Katowice

MCK International Congress Center in Katowice has plenty of flexible space: -20 000 sq meters – multiple accommodation options – easy restaurant access -walking distances -close by airports: Cracow and Katowice -from Warsaw it’s a 3hr train ride, 300 km distance, 3hrs by car. It is the best we could find in Poland! We can accommodate here 20 000 participants. Some of our already confirmed line-up:


Adolfo & Tania (NYC/Italy)

Karel Flores & Bruno Rodriguez (USA)

Brandon Ayala & Michelle Morales (USA)

Benny Ayala & Ashley (USA)

Charlie & Brianna (USA)

Supermario (UK)

Marco Ferrigno & ANSIMA (Italy)

Willy Arrey (Mexico, Italy)

Bersy Cortez (Venezuela, Spain)

DJ Mauri (Greece)

DJ Dmitri (Germany)

DJ Sergio (France)

DJ Sezar (Norway)

DJ Julian The Duke (UK)

and more coming soon…


Marco & Sara (Spain)

Igor & Rocio (Spain)

Cornel & Rithika (India)

Antoni & Belen (Spain)

Alfredo & Andrea (Spain)

Junior & Carolina (Sweden)

Raś & Jankowska (Poland)

Duda & Adriana (Poland)

Daniel & Monika Rojewscy (Poland)

DJ Dimensions (UK)

DJ Khalid (Sweden)

DJ York (Germany)

and more coming soon…


Albir Rojas (Spain)

Oksana Sidorskaya (Ukraine)

Saber & Majdouline (Belgium)

Dwe & Gaby (The Netherlands)

Yami SO (France)

DJ Snakes (France)

DJ Narc6 (Germany)

DJ Saber (Belgium)

DJ Nao (Belgium)

DJ Pingusso (Portugal)

DJ Bartef (Poland)

and more coming soon…

CUBAN to be confirmed…

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Let’s do this more often! Have the elSol experience!


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