02 Nov


Hosted by: Omaloku Kizomba Congress-OKC


🔥OMALOKU🔥(meaning) giver of life! It is all about bringing worlds together.

We present pre-party hours, workshops, socials, and parties with top guest dancers of all styles.


There will be amazing DJs, excellent teachers, and an impressive venue with two dance floors: a Kizomba floor and an Urban Kiz floor, with a professional sound and light system provided by Kizzpassage. You can expect the best vibes ever! Get your tickets online now‼️

Ticket link ✅

There are party and day passes available, as well as accommodation options.

Here are the confirmed DJs for the Kizomba room:
🍁DJ Vasco (Paris, France)
🍁DJ Virus (Lisbon, Portugal)
🍁DJ Angelo (Paris, France)
🍁DJ Shadow Vibes (Brussels, Belgium)

Here are the confirmed DJs for the Urban Kiz room:
🍁DJ Saï Saï (Marseille, France)
🍁DJ Dani Fernandes (D&LBeats, Netherlands)
🍁DJ Lisa Rose (D&L Beats, Netherlands)
🍁DJ Nicelife (Netherlands)
🍁DJ Zen (Paris, France)
🍁DJ Djemix (Luxembourg)
🍁DJ Wasss (Paris, France)
🍁DJ Tonton Diaf (Lille, France)
🍁DJ Gobedson (Lille, France)
🍁DJ Lad (Lille, France)

Musical entertainment will include Kizomba, Tarraxinha, UrbanKiz, Semba, Douceur, Tarraxa, Tarraxo, Kompa, Getto Zouk, Afrobeat, Shoki, Gweta, and more.


Here are the confirmed Kizomba teachers:
🍁Railey & Benite (Tilburg, Netherlands)
🍁Vasco & Jahan (Paris, France/Germany)
🍁Stephan (Brussels, Belgium)
🍁Rokhaya (Ginga/Ladies Styling, Paris, France)
🍁El Ceprino (London, United Kingdom)

Here are the confirmed UrbanKiz teachers:
🍁Narcisse Ndri (Antwerp, Belgium)
🍁Curtis & Jenny (France/Germany)
🍁Aime & Angie (Luxembourg)
🍁Guy Tawe (Mons, Belgium)
🍁Mike kiffdance (Gent, Belgium)
🍁Gosia Nowicka (Ladies Styling, Paris, France)
🍁Angelo (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
🍁Killian (Paris, France)


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