16 Feb

Los Angeles Bachata Festival

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Workshops: Friday – Sunday, 9am -2pm , plus evening workshops (6pm – 8pm) We offer over 50 exciting beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops in a variety of dance genres that are taught by some the world’s best instructors. Such as Traditional Bachata, Urban Bachata, Sensual Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk, Cha Cha, Hip Hop, Heels, Jazz, Styling, and much more including wellness and real estate workshops! ​ Beginner Bachata Festival : Friday – Sunday, 10am -1pm with guided practice: This specialized experience was specifically crafted exclusively for beginners. Join us for our 3 day Specialized Beginner Bachata Festival, as we create an intimate learning experience by limiting the Beginner Festival to only 50 participants. The festival offers 12 hours of beginner workshops in a range of important subjects ( see below) as well as guided practice sessions and our beginner socials. This is an opportunity to social dance in our very own " beginners only" social. The perfect place to practice all your moves with fellow like minded beginners who are just as eager to practice and learn as you are.- no intimidation!" it will change your life!" ​ Beginner Evening Socials: Friday – Sunday, 5pm – 8pm No need to feel intimidated, join fellow new dancers at our beginner social. This is a chance to practice all the moves you learned in the workshops and get ready for the evening social. ​ Performances: Thursday – Sunday, 9pm -11pm Every night we welcome you to become inspired by world class performances. Our 2 hour show will showcase professional and competitive dancers from all over the world as well as local professionals, amateurs and dance teams performing a variety of dance styles and acts. ​ Social Dancing: Thursday* – Sunday 11pm -5am, (*Thursday until 3am) We have 5 large ballrooms for social dancing with Dj’s playing every night until 5 am. As an attendee you choose which room you would like to dance in, we suggest you try all 5 rooms: Urban/ Sensual Bachata Room, Traditional/Dominican Bachata Room, Salsa Room, Kizomba Room & Zouk Room. Live band on Stage Saturday night. Nightly Themed Parties: **SEE BELOW Friday Night: Stoplight Party: Dressed in these colors Green (single) Yellow (complicated) Red (taken) Saturday: Red Carpet Glam: Dress to Impress Wear your sexiest dresses, skirts, suits, ties…it’s Dress to Impress. Sunday: Pajama Party: Bring out your night time clothing and lets BACHATA! ​ Silent Sunrise Party: * NEW 5am -7am Saturday & Sunday Morning The party continues! with the Silent Sunrise Party, by the pool. Put on the party headphones and listen to your favorite music. Switch between dance genres and dance the night away. ​ Taco Truck: Friday – Sunday 11:00pm – 5am! Need a little "pick me up" be sure to check out out our delicious Famous Taco Truck! ​


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