16 Jun

Helsinki Zouk Festival 2023 – 10 Years Anniversary

Hosted by: Helsinki Dance Central


Get ready for The Helsinki Zouk Festival 2023!
We’re so excited to celebrate 10 years anniversary of our beloved Helsinki Zouk Festival and have all our amazing team of artists, coming from different places in the world, just to share their knowledge with all of you here in Helsinki!
As always, we’ll be making sure to bring all the best you can have in both, knowledge content and a fun atmosphere so we can all have an unforgettable time together, as usual, doing what we love the most, dancing a lot of Brazilian Zouk!
Don’t miss the PRE PARTY on Thursday at 15.06.2023
Line up:
– William & Irene (BRA/SPA)
– Felipe & Bruna (BRA)
– Freddy & Andressa (BRA/FIN)
– Val & Vanessa (BRA)
– Carlos & Fernanda (BRA/CZE)
– Jukka & Sonja (FIN)
More to be announced!
Stay tuned!!!
The Immersion Program by Freddy & Andressa will be back the week prior to the Festival, from the 10th to 14th of June 2023.
Check the combo offer: Festival full pass + Immersion Program with a special price.
° Leader full pass = €135
° Follower full pass = €135
° Couple full pass = €255
° Group full pass = €625
Combo Passes – 1st Lot:
° Leader pass – Immersion Program + Helsinki Zouk Festival = €485
° Follower pass – Immersion Program + Helsinki Zouk Festival = €485


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