14 Apr

Elegancia World Dance Congress 2023

Hosted by: Elegancia Dance Company


🏆Elegancia World Dance Congress 2023🏆
It’s with great pleasure that we finally officially announce the Elegancia World Dance Congress 2023 in the heart of Vilnius Lithuania. Get ready for 3 days of Parties, Workshops with Top International Artists and many more surprises to come!
Artists, DJs & Media
🏆 Bachata Artists 🏆
Luis & Andrea (Spain)
Melvin & Gatica (Fr/Spain)
El Tiguere (USA/ DR)
Leo & Estefania (USA/ Spain)
Janis & Zoe (Germany)
Can Yigit (Turkey)
Jomante & Leandro (Lithuania/Spain)
Sol & Andzelika (UK/Lithuania)
Rado & Anastasiia (Estonia)
Huseyn & Greta (Lithuania)
Rezi (UK)
DJ York (Germany)
DJ Husky (Spain)
DJ Lima (Peru/ Lithuania)
🏆 Kizomba Artists 🏆
Fred Nelson & Morgane (France)
Chamalo & Mirty (Netherlands)
Karl & Nima (France)
Ichigo & Lahoe (France)
DJ Ichigo (France)
DJ Agne (Lithuania)
More to be Announced…!
🏆 Salsa Artists 🏆
Fernando Sosa & Tatiana (Italy)
Tropical Gem (Italy)
Yoyo Flow (Spain)
Marco Lorusso (Italy)
Sandra (City Dance/ Lithuania)
Inga (Vuelta/ Lithuania)
More to be announced…!
Unlimited Full Pass = 140 Euros


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