01 Sep

BIG Salsa Festival Houston 2023

Hosted by: BIG Salsa Festival


Full Project (Italy)
Eduardo y Maria (Spain)
Brenda Liew (SIngapore)
Marco y Sara (Spain)
Grupo Esencia (Spain)
Miguel & Sunsire (Spain)
Yamulee Dance Company (NYC)
Adolfo Indacochea & Tania Cannarsa (NYC)
Ernesto & Denisse
Fausto & The Kingsmen (NYC)
Iroko Dance Company
Angel & Stephanie (NYC)
Jorjet Alccocer
MG Dance Company
Amneris Martinez
Natasha Tia (CAL)
Majesty in Motion
Jsquared (SATX)
Edd Amaya (Phœnix)
Patrick & JOhanna
Roy & Jeanette
Vanessa Villalobos (CAL)
Lawrence Garcia
Candace & Fuquan
Jimi & Paula (Las Vegas)
Bryon & Smantha
Nicolas & Ivonne (NYC)
Favian Bustos (ATX)
Erick Ortiz (Puerto Rico)


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