17 Aug

Bachaturo Festival 2023

Hosted by: Bachaturo Festival


Get ready to mark your calendars for the Bachaturo Festival 2022! The festival will take place from August 18th to 20th, 2022, with a bachata floor on the pre-party on August 17th. With a total of 10 rooms and 5 dance floors featuring bachata, salsa, cubana, kizomba, and urbankizz, the festival is set to offer a wide variety of options for dancers to enjoy. The official website, www.bachaturo.com, offers current prices for the event.

When purchasing tickets for the event, make sure to select the “Group Full Pass” option, and use the group name “Dancingtom” to take advantage of an amazing discount. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The confirmed artists for the 2022 festival are listed below, with more to be announced soon:


  • Daniel & Desiree from Spain
  • Pablo & Raquel from Spain
  • Cornel & Rithika from India
  • Gero & Migle from Spain
  • Sergio & Marichu from Spain
  • Marcelo & Nasti from Argentina/Lithuania
  • Gaby & Estefy from Spain
  • Samy El Magico from France
  • Ofir & Ofri from Israel
  • Azael & Sindy from Mexico/Lithuania
  • Luis & Weronika from Mexico/Poland


  • Jojo & Jenny from France
  • Val’R & St’Effy Afrokiziac from France
  • Dwe & Gaby from Netherlands
  • Azedine from France
  • JP & Stephy from France
  • Saber & Majdouline from Belgium
  • Ledoux Kingsman from Spain
  • Chamalo & Mirty from Netherlands
  • Nuno & Nagyla from Portugal
  • Joao & Giedre from Portugal/Lithuania


  • Yamulee Dance Company from USA
  • Frankie Martinez from USA
  • Johnny Vazquez from Mexico
  • Bersy from Venezuela
  • Supermario from UK/India
  • Marco Ferigno from Italy
  • Luis Vazquez from Mexico
  • Magda Prichodko from Poland
  • Ansima Ballet from Italy


  • Wilmer & Maria from Cuba
  • Yoyo Flow & Yenifer from Cuba
  • Barbara Jimenez from Cuba
  • Osmani Segura from Cuba
  • Alexander Carbo from Cuba
  • FredyClan from Cuba
  • Bojana Markovic from Serbia
  • Andy Varona & Yuliet from Cuba

The festival will also feature various DJs for each dance floor, including DJ Khalid, DJ York, DJ Husky, DJ Zayx, DJ Snakes, DJ Djemix, DJ Rock, DJ Saaber, DJ Leo Cuba, DJ Rumbero Peru, DJ Hongito Poland, DJ Julian Djuk Great Britain, DJ Dmitri Germany, and DJ Rumbero Peru.


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