25 Jan

Amsterdam Int. Salsa Festival 2024



Mark your calendars for the 11th edition of the Amsterdam International Salsa Festival!
We are super excited and can’t wait to welcome Latin dance enthusiasts from all over the world for an incredible weekend with both local and international instructors and performers!
And all of this in one of the most beautiful venues in the world!
ON 1/ON 2
Brandon & Michelle (US)
Ernesto & Denisse (US)
Marco Ferrigno (IT)
Johnny Vázquez (MX)
Adrian & Anita (ES)
Jose Diaz & Nerea (US/ES)
Bersy Cortez (VE)
Maria Malakou (GR)
Diego & Ozem (TU)
Charlie & Veronica (ES)
Fadi Fusion (ES)
Fusion Power (IT)
Juan Rosa (UY)
Konstantin & Arcadia (NO)
Roz & Rachel (CH)
Erica Spirito (IT)
Leon Rose (ES)
Tamba (UK)
Talal & Edyta (ES)
Victor Ortega (CR)
Eloy Rojas (VE)
Anne & Anichi (GE)
Lisa & Samuel (GE)
Damian Cejas (AR)
Aldo (VE)
Martina Placeres (UY)
Roberto Lesiati (IT)
Rodolfo & Kai (NL)
Anne-Elise (NL)
Dj Rumbero
Dj Willy
DJ Lalo
Dj Asmadi
Dj Daaf
Wilmer & Maria (CU)
Andy & Yuliet (CU)
Katerina Mik (FR)
Lieb J (CU)
Yohan & Elaine (CU/NL)
Juan Carlos Gonzalez (CU)
Jose L. Pelayo (CU)
Ernesto Betancourt (CU)
Fadi K (UK)
Dj Rumbero (PE)
Dj Kasanoba (PE)
Maycheal & Mayra (ES)
Antoni & Belen (ES)
Lau & July (AR)
Pep & Marina (ES)
Oscar & Raquel (ES)
Sakis & Marta (NL)
Dj Abdeloo (NL)
The sooner you buy, the less you pay!
Premium Full Pass
January 2023: 110€
February and March 2023: 120€
April and May 2023: €130
June and July 2023: €140
August 2023: €150
September 2023: €160
October 2023: €170
November 2023: €180
December 2023: €190
January 2024: €200
At the door: €210
And many more to come…


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