18 May

A Lo Dominican Festival 4th edition

Hosted by: A lo Dominican Festival


Next year 18-19-20-21 of MAY 2023 we celebrate the 4 Edition of the first Festival dedicated to Dominican dance, culture and music throughout the Iberian Peninsula.
It will take place in the facilities of the Hotel Guitart in Lloret de Mar, Girona.
We will have a wide and comfortable facilities where besides being able to enjoy the workshops given with the best representatives of the Bachata, Merengue, Bolero , Dembow of this culture, we will be very close to the sea in an environment without equal.
PoolParty, Workshops, Shows, Social, everything ready for you to spend a different weekend, a weekend A Lo Dominican.
Discover all the musical wealth of the Dominican Republic, its dances, its people, its customs, this time Santo Domingo comes to you 🇩🇴 🌴 🏝 ☀
✨ Samy El Mágico
✨ Fausto Félix
✨KINGSMEN by Fausto Félix
✨ Juan Pablo Paredes
✨ Argenis y Carolina
✨ Gaby y Estefy
✨ Sueco y Johanna
✨ Ricky y Nanda
✨ Anthony y Carla
✨ Bhavin y Soonruta
✨ Alberto Vasquez
✨ Óscar Niño
✨ Julio Nápoles
✨ Ace Fusion
✨ Julie y Steve
✨ Junior y Gaetana
✨ Choco
✨ Andy Ledesma
✨ Cristian Mauricio Vera
✨ Yarely Rosales
✨ Ozkar Hernández
✨ Jose y Tania
✨ Thiago y Ari
✨ Carlos Rosales
✨ Lauren
✨ Vilmar y Daiana
✨ Myriam Sezen
✨ Julio y Linda
✨ Jhon y Nushi
✨ Wonderly
✨ Dj Bruja
✨ Dj Bripa
✨ Dj León
⚠️Cancellation and return of the Fullpass is not allowed.
If the name change of your Fullpass is allowed from your private client area, at no cost.⚠️
🔼Hotel Guitart Aqua Resort Ribalaigua 7 17310 – Lloret de Mar Gerona
In 2023 Santo Domingo comes to you again 🙂 🏖 🇩🇴 🎸 🌴 🎶
-There is a bus from Barcelona Airport (T1 and T2) to Lloret de Mar called Sarbus operated by Moventis / Sarfa. For more details of the timetables and ticket prices, see the Moventis / Sarfa website: https://compras.moventis.es/en-GB
-There are no direct trains from Barcelona Airport to Lloret de Mar. Therefore, it is necessary to take a train in the center of Barcelona to go to the north of Catalonia.
Take the Train from Barcelona Airport – R2 Nord to Sants Station. If you arrive at Terminal 1 (T1) you will not be able to walk to the train station, as it is 4 km away. You must take a shuttle bus outside the terminal.
In the Sants Station you will have to change. There are no direct trains that arrive in Lloret de Mar, you have to take a train to Blanes and then take a bus from there.
To find out the train schedule, it is necessary to enter the local trains section of the RENFE – Cercanías website. The train you must take is the C1 – bound for Blanes. The trip takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are two trains that leave for Blanes every hour.
The Pujol coach company has scheduled buses directly from the Blanes train station. Schedules vary according to the day of the week, however normally they work twice per hour, and the trip takes approximately 20 minutes. The price of the bus trip is economical (approximately € 1.85). For more information about exact hours and prices, see the Pujol website.
At Girona airport to Lloret de Mar by bus.
There is a direct bus service between Girona Airport (GRO) and Lloret de Mar. The trip takes about 30 minutes.
The bus service is offered by Barcelona-bus, Sarfa and Autocars Mas, stops at the girona airport parking and stops at Lloret de Mar bus station located at Carretera de Blanes, 45. The cost of travel is 10 euros and 16 euros round trip.
Operated by Barcelona Bus (line 605), Sarfa and autocars More:
Lloret de Mar bus station telephone: +34 972364295.
Sarfa telephone: 902302025 (local telephone) +34972364295 phones from abroad.
Autocars Mas telephone: +34 972365832.
The taxi from Girona airport to Lloret de Mar is approximately € 55 for 4 people, or € 82 for groups of 5 to 7 people, but this price may increase depending on whether there is traffic (especially in high season, the months July and August), the number of suitcases, or the day of the week (if it is a local holiday, weekend or night). We recommend you choose this method of transportation if there are 4 people or if you do not want to wait for a long time for the next bus and always ask the taxi driver for the estimated transport price. The phone number of the taxis at the Girona airport is:
+34 972203377


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