10 Mar

1st elSol Spring Edition All in 1: Salsa Bachata Kizomba

Hosted by: El Sol Festival


Exclusive multi style event all in 1:

THURSDAY party is
at ATLAS TOWER, al. Jerozolimskie 123a
It is included in the PASSES, you can pick up your pass there.

FRI, SAT, SUN are in the main venue Hotel Airport Okęcie.

See your confirmed line up:
Delia&Raul (USA)
Charlie & Brianna (USA)
Chiara Tofani (Italy)
Jose&Nerea (The Netherlands)
Eddie Henrique (Portugal)
DJ Dmitri (Germany)
DJ Alexio (Italy)
DJ Sergio (France)
DJ Sezar (Norway)

Marco & Sara (Spain)
Simone&Danila (Italy)
Ofri&Ofri (Israel)
Klaudia Perdek&Nikita (Poland)
Duda&Adriana (Poland)
DJ Dimen5ions (UK)
DJ Gregory (Poland)
DJ Cat (Poland)
Sensual Experience (Poland)

Teresa Jimenez (The Netherlands)
Tresor (The Netherlands)
Jesus & Anni (Spain)
DJ David Ruela (The Netherlands)
DL Beats – Dani & Lisa (The Netherlands)
DJ Bartef (Poland)
DJ Fouss Smile (France)
DJ Papa Luc (Poland)

You can purchase your Early Bird passes at the lowest price until 31th of January:
VIP Pass: 165E
VIP PARTY Pass: 105E
SALSA Pass Basic/Premium: 120/135E
SALSA&BACHATA Pass Basic/Premium 120E/150E
BACHATA Pass Basic/Premium: 82E/115E
KIZZ FOLLOWER Pass Basic/Premium 92E/115E
KIZZ LEADER Pass Basic/Premium 82E/115E
KIZZ COUPLE Pass Basic/Premium 159/215E
SENSUAL Pass Premium 145E
SENSUAL COUPLE Pass Premium 270E


We would appreciate it if you add GROUP NAME – GERGANA 🙂


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